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Fit Blendz of Lafayette

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Eating a good diet means you are living a fit and healthy life. Select your Fit Meal and order now!


We use fresh ingredients with no preservatives so that you always eat healthy and live healthy.


We help you follow your diet plans. So that this place can become your ultimate fitness stop.



Staying fit has never been so easy. 

have a look!


I bought some prepared meals. Only tried the turkey Chilli so far. It was delicious. Even more delicious were the wraps. They were amazing!! Although this place is out of my way, i don't mind making a special trip!

Andrea L.

Meal prep service is AWESOME. Great price and most importantly it taste great!! The seasoning is perfect on all of their proteins.

Hannah O.

I am on my first week using Fit Blendz for meal prep. I was hesitant but willing to give it a try. All I can say are that the meals are AMAZING and I am so impressed. Usually pre prepped meat is tough and flavorless but it pretty much fell apart and was so well seasoned. I'm usually iffy about chicken especially but I think that's my favorite one! The portions are much bigger than I expected and keep me full all day. I will definitely continue to order meals from here and will recommend them to everyone.

Kassie D.

We have eaten there several times & love it! Our favorites Steak Fit Nachos, chicken or steak Fit Wrap w/spicy sauce, Chicken and Steak Fit Quesadillas, those sweet potato pancakes´┐Ż. So yummy and always on point! Great staff & very knowledgeable about products & supplements.

Erica S.

OMYUMMINESS! This is the best meal I have had outside of home cooked! I am not joking!!! I tend to lean towards healthy but this is so flavorful that you do not miss the junk!

They have a great selection of sauces, but in my opinion you do not even need them! I am sure all the sauces are taste great, but the fit plate is super flavorful with just the season it was cooked in!

For my peeps following my plan, this is a great place to get that meal that you struggle with or need on the go! You can even buy 10+ plates in advance with more options and freeze. This will keep you from making those bad choices when you forget or run out of prep!

Shawn R.

Picked up my meal prep meals yesterday. Had a breakfast meal today. Awesome tasting and large quantity. I will be ordering more next week. I’ve tried other meal pickup in the area. Fit Blendz is far superior in its quality and price.

Tonyia D.